Monday, 14 February 2011


De Montfort University
Design Craft Artists in Residence
Lucy Andrews – Carrie Louise Bridges – Bethany Walker

Venue: LCB Depot
31 Rutland Street
             LE1 1RE
             (0116) 261 6800

OPEN             Wednesday 20th  April – Thursday 21st April
CLOSED        Friday 22nd April – Monday 25th April
OPEN             Tuesday 26th April – Thursday 28th April
CLOSED        Friday 29th April – Monday 2nd May
OPEN             Tuesday 3rd May – Friday 6th May       

*Gallery Open   9.00am – 5.30pm (daily)*

Further information or enquiries:

Bethany Walker

Bethany Walker
Mixed Media Textiles
Bethany revisits everyday elements from the built environment through large scale textile mark making, appliqué, screen print and stitch.
She continues to explore this through knitted and embroidered threads and fibres which are combined with concrete and cement. These details interpret our often overlooked surroundings of which concrete and cement is a significant and fascinating part.
Bethany uses the combination of hard and soft materials to explore the reversal of the traditional viewpoints of inside/outside and to highlight concretes new ‘fashionable’ status which has seen its development from utility to luxury. 

Bethany uses both bought and found materials which reveal the contrast of new and worn, bright and dull, man-made and natural, all of which feature in our built environment. 

Carrie Louise Bridges

Carrie Louise Bridges
Mixed Media Textiles
Carrie is inspired by organisation and routine, which stems from growing up with a sibling who has autism. Her work has developed with a focus on structure, linear shapes and geometric folding. Carrie has worked primarily with paper (both new and reclaimed) and has used the formal properties of this material to explore the notions of restrictiveness and freedom. Other materials used include pillow cotton, thread, Tyvek and found objects. Carries’ most recent work comprises of metals; using the technique of lost wax casting to create delicate metal boxes.
Mobile: 07767 617 102

Lucy Andrews

Lucy Andrews


As ceramic production in Britain is becoming more reliant on outsourcing to the Far East, connections to traditional craft skills of the past are being lost. Along with an increasing awareness of her environmental impact as a potter, Lucy’s work seeks to communicate this decline in craft and heritage to the viewer, and promote the geological and historical richness of the local area. 

Through wheel thrown methods and printing techniques, multiple miniature jar and bowl shapes act as a basis for her pieces. The chemical changes that occur within the kiln act similarly to that of a geological process, transforming the found rock or earth sample into a permanent ceramic piece.

It is her intension that through the sourcing of local materials, and researching cultures and pottery of the past, a greater understanding and appreciation of the world around us is possible.

Mobile: 07989 624 258